Photos from Ireland

I’ve been home now for a bit over a two months, but still dream of Ireland where I spent three weeks in October. I have yet to create the blogs I still have planned to share about some of my experiences, but thought I could at least post some of my photo albums from the trip. These link to my public Facebook photo albums, which does not require a person to have a Facebook account.

Glendalough Monastary 1

My first days in Ireland were in the Wicklow Mountains and the Glendalough Monastic site just an hour or so drive south of Dublin. My very first activity in Ireland,(after remembering how to drive to the left)  was an unplanned walk in the Glendalough Woodlands and I was instantly transformed by this magical place. Photo album

Beaufort cottage 1 x

I then traveled to Beaufort in the Killarney area to stay a week near the largest intact Oldwoods in Ireland. It was amazing, I stayed in the cutest cottage surrounded by flowers, and walked trails and hedgerows alone harvesting fruits and exploring  ancient mossy yew groves and oak woodlands. Ethnobotanist, Kat Anderson, joined me there and we spent time exploring this magic land together with an eye on the plants and culture, as well as another friend Kat Koch who is living there, who showed me her favorite places. photo album

Basketry studio

After a week in Killarney (I could have stayed years) I traveled on to the reason I planned this trip to Ireland, a weeklong stay in Connemara working with famed basketmaker Joe Hogan. I stayed in a stone cottage with other basketmakers who came in from England, and had my dreams come true. I feel truly blessed by this time. I ended my last few days staying in an amazing manor house near one of the richest areas for megalithic sites, and a final day to go visit the must-see again-and-again National Museum of Ireland. photo album

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