Upcoming Classes and Events

Currently in planning stages for 2021 classes as we await the Coronavirus vaccine rollout.
See past Photo Albums to see my previous classes and my notes below.

Where? In various locations throughout the Salish Sea, Seattle/ Olympia area.   

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Update January 10, 2021

I have just posted my 2020 Photo Album sharing some of the plants, places, people and skills I was able to share with my students in spite of Covid19 restrictions, which I have taken seriously. I have learned how to teach classes through zoom, created kits to send to students, and created videos they could use as reference. I split our group into smaller ones for field trips over several days, and set up ‘socially distanced’ workshops, thinking out every move for safety. I had an amazing group of students in both my Basketry Apprenticeship class, and my Ethnobotany & Traditional Skills Course to whom I’ll be forever grateful for their patience, flexibility, appreciation, and true kindness at every level during this really challenging time. I look forward to catching up with them this coming year. 

I am tentatively planning a scaled back 2021 Ethnobotany Exploration Course starting in March or April. I am hopeful that vaccines have become widely available by that time. This course will combine online webinars, skills kits, and monthly in-person field trips to unique ecosystems, while keeping our class size small.

I am also inspired to teach some watershed based intensives, exploring a watershed from seashore to mountain, discovering the ecology and cultural history in these places, while learning about the plants and traditional skills unique to these places. I am considering the Nisqually, Snoqualmie and Lower Columbia River… still thinking through logistics on this, but I am excited about the possibilities.  

If you are interested in participating in these courses please contact me directly and I’ll add you to my first contact list. Also, please consider signing up for my newsletter (link above) where I plan to more actively share information, and ‘like’ my Gatherer to Gardener FB page for more immediate information about upcoming opportunities.

Scotland Ethnobotany and Traditional Skills Exploration 2020

Delayed to 2021 due to Covid19; same time frame
I have several committed participants, and am hopeful we will make it this year. 
Tentative dates September 22- October 6th, starting and ending in Edinburgh.  Contact me if you are interested. 

Core themes for this exploration will be historic physic and apothecary gardens, herbal medicines and spirit distillations, a wee bit of ‘Outlander’, folk centers, basketry skills, holy wells, standing stones, ancient yews and Caledonian forests. We will begin in Edinburgh, travel through Fife and Aberdeenshire visiting gardens and sites along the way, spend a week in the heart of the Highlands on ancestral clan lands, then venture out to the Isles for a few days before returning back to Edinburgh.  These explorations, with a focus on plants and traditional culture, are powerful ways for many of us to connect to our ancestral roots as Celtic people.

Let me know soon! if you are interested in joining us and I’ll add you to my contact list!

To get a sense of what this trip might be like check out photos of our 2017 Ethnobotany and Traditional Skills Exploration of Ireland photos of our explorations here.

For tribal community

I offer stipends and scholarships to enrolled tribal members from Pacific Northwest Tribes after I reach minimum signups for classes. I have worked for the last 15 years in tribal community teaching these subjects, and hope you consider participating in these regular classes.  The Snoqualmie Tribe has approved my programs to qualify  under their Education funding for tribal members, and this may apply to other Tribes in the region as well. Let me know if I can help. contact

3 responses to “Upcoming Classes and Events

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  2. This is a question for Heidi.
    Are you the same Heidi Bohan who used to do gorgeous woodworking/finish carpentry in and around the Snoqualmie Valley?

    • Hi Sandie, Sorry for the delay in response, I’m just now seeing this comment. Yes, I used to be a finish carpenter on the eastside, not so much Snoqualmie Valley but Redmond, Woodinville, Bellevue etc. I sold my business in the early 90’s and changed course to doing what I’m doing now. Sounds like I knew you then? Feel free to email hbohan@peoplepc.com .

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