Upcoming Classes and Events

Where? Class locations will be noted for each class, generally in Western Washington near Seattle. Our workshop studio is located in the ‘Scholars Garden’  in Fall City, Washington, an oasis located on the Raging River with the sounds of water and birdsong, trails and ethnobotany maze through a jungle of edible plants, yurts, gazebos, bridges and firepits. Other locations include the beautiful manor in Seward Park, Seattle; and private and public properties throughout Puget Sound.  

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Notice: Due to Covid19 safety recommendations, which I support and take seriously, I am not scheduling any new classes. For current students I have been experimenting with online classes and meetings, with associated kits for at home use, along with very small group gatherings and field trips as we move into Phase 2 and 3 in our various counties.

However, at this point unless we can have access to more vigorous testing for both the presence of Covid19 virus and antibodies, I am uncertain as to when I can start teaching in the public. I consider myself to be at high risk, and this work involves intimate contact with students as we look at details of plants, travel to plant communities, and I demonstrate techniques with you on your projects, preparation of traditional foods and medicines, etc. I am exploring ways I might teach remotely, and taking this time to try to focus on writing projects, another form of teaching for me.

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Bigleaf maple Syrup Tapping Workshop-
Completed! We had a full classes!

February 1st Saturday 1-4:30; March 8th Sunday 1:00-4:30

Join me in the forest on this beautiful farm, for this hands-on interactive program learning how to tap, collect and process our native bigleaf maple sap into syrup for backyard, small-scale production. Bigleaf maple sap and syrup are nutritious and delicious, high in magnesium and potassium, and useful from sap to syrup to candy. It’s flavor is on a par, and many believe better, than the sugar maple syrup we all know from the East Coast, and there are tricks unique to bigleaf maple for selecting good trees to tap. We’ll also discuss, and perhaps test, other native trees useful for tapping for syrup. It is amazing to be able to supply a healthy sugar source from our own backyards as part of sustainable living.

Sweetheart Foraged Cocktails- Completed- Sold out class! Thank you!

February 15th, Saturday 2:30-6:00
Hosted by Seward Park Audubon Education Center, Seattle

Make Valentine’s weekend extra special by learning the art of succulent and sultry cocktails using northwest native plants in the beautiful historic manor at Seward Park! We’ll start with a short walk  in the bordering native plant garden, and learn about native and wild plants our region offers us for seasonally foraged cocktail ingredients. which we’ll use in this interactive class to create unique herbal, nut and fruit liqueurs, which you’ll make for yourself.

This will be followed with a ‘happy hour’ in the historic manor enjoying classic cocktails made with foraged cocktail ingredients. You’ll take home recipes and your own holiday-themed liqueur. You must be 21 years of age, or older, to attend this workshop, and singles, couples, family and friends are welcome!!

The Foraged Cocktail is a mother daughter collaboration between Heidi Bohan and Dea Allgood- mixology maven. Go to The Foraged Cocktail to learn more.

To register:   sign up here this will direct you to the Seward Park Audubon Education center registration page.


Willow Basket Weaving Class- Cancelled due to Covid19

March 14& 15th – Saturday 1-7:00PM Sunday 10-4:00PM
optional Willow Harvest expedition in February.

We will be creating  mid-size baskets with traditional base and stakes, with a variety of willow types and weaving techniques, from hedgerow and cultivated willow along with other native plant materials. This class is designed for students with some basketry experience, preferably with willow, it is not recommended for a first time basketmaker (I’ll be scheduling a Spring Basketry Series designed for beginners soon!). If you sign up early enough, you may participate in optional field excursions to harvest willow ourselves to use in our baskets.

Cost $190, all supplies included. If you are interested please contact me directly

Journey Plant Medicine Training- Cancelled due to Covid19

April 5th, Sunday 1-4:30PM
Center for Urban Horticulture, Seattle, WA

Learn how to use common native and wild plants for first aid along the way during your outdoor travels, using poultices, infusions, compresses, syrups and more, made simply from raw plants. We will learn seasonal plant identification and preparation techniques, and practice these techniques in sample scenarios. Each person takes home a set of laminated Journey Plant Medicine Cards.

To register: sign up here

Basketry & Weaving Apprenticeship
Winter 2019/2020 Novemb
er- March

This class is in progress, and some amazing work is being done! Photos on Gatherer to Gardener FB page; Please look for next years registration opening in late summer 2020 following generally the same schedule.

One weekend per month; Saturday 1-7PM; Sunday 10-4:00
Nov 16 & 17; Dec 14 & 15; Jan 11 & 12; Feb 8 & 9; March 14 & 15
At the Scholars Garden, Fall City

Scotland Ethnobotany and Traditional Skills Exploration 2020

Delayed to 2021 due to Covid19; same time frame
Planning in the works for early Fall 2020 excursion to Scotland! Firm dates: September 23- October 6th, starting and ending in Edinburgh. More details to come soon! Contact me if you are interested. 

Core themes for this exploration will be historic physic and apothecary gardens, herbal medicines and spirit distillations, a wee bit of ‘Outlander’, folk centers, basketry skills, holy wells, standing stones, ancient yews and Caledonian forests. We will begin in Edinburgh, travel through Fife and Aberdeenshire visiting gardens and sites along the way, spend a week in the heart of the Highlands on ancestral clan lands, then venture out to the Isles for a few days before returning back to Edinburgh.  These explorations, with a focus on plants and traditional culture, are powerful ways for many of us to connect to our ancestral roots as Celtic people.

Let me know soon! if you are interested in joining us and I’ll add you to my contact list!

To get a sense of what this trip might be like check out photos of our 2017 Ethnobotany and Traditional Skills Exploration of Ireland photos of our explorations here.

For tribal community

I offer stipends and scholarships to enrolled tribal members from Pacific Northwest Tribes after I reach minimum signups for classes. I have worked for the last 15 years in tribal community teaching these subjects, and hope you consider participating in these regular classes.  The Snoqualmie Tribe has approved my programs to qualify  under their Education funding for tribal members, and this may apply to other Tribes in the region as well. Let me know if I can help. contact

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