Elderflower Liqueur Expedition

Foraged Cocktail Expedition!

Elderflower Expedition

Saturday, June 17th  9am-5pm

Meet in Seattle or Issaquah

Go on an adventure with The Foraged Cocktail, with mother and daughter team Heidi Bohan and Dea Allgood, for a guided tour of the beautiful river gorges in Eastern Washington where our native Blue Elder grows abundantly. Enjoy learning how to forage the bounty of these bouquets and other seasonal plants we find along the way.

We will capture the essence of these aromatic bouquets within minutes of harvest to create our own unique seasonal liqueur which can be used in Foraged Cocktail recipes throughout the year. We’ll also learn about some of the other wonderful herbal uses of blue elder and some of the other wildflowers we will encounter and collect. This is a beautiful time of year to explore the lands of Eastern Washington!

We will supply transportation and lunch, and provide a supplies list.

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