Ethnobotany & Traditional Skills Summer 2017 Weekend Series

I am offering  three weekend workshop series in June and July.  Each theme will be centered around traditional plant uses of the Pacific Northwest and offer unique opportunities to gain authentic traditional skills from ethnobotanist Heidi Bohan.

Each weekend experience runs Friday 1-7PM (to allow for work schedules, and travel time and avoid rush hour traffic); Saturday and Sunday  10-4. There are numerous nearby overnight camping, yurt and barn loft options if you’d like to stay the weekend in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley!

Each weekend will cost $250 and includes all basic materials and a light lunch option.

Weekend One: Traditional Skills: Basketry of the World

June 24, 25 & 26; Friday 1-7; Saturday & Sunday 10-4:00

This is a unique opportunity to learn the three core basketry techniques from this region, also used around the world. We will make pine needle baskets using our native Ponderosa pine needles with the ‘coil’ technique; cedar bark baskets with the amazing inner bark of red cedar tree with the plaited and twined technique; and willow baskets using wild and cultivated willow using the wicker technique.

For those who already have experience with any of these basket styles I will adjust the techniques for more advanced projects.

Weekend Two: Traditional Skills: Plant Fibers and Natural Dyes

 July 14, 15, 16  Friday 1-7; Saturday & Sunday 10-4

Plant fibers serve as the basis for many elements of any culture; spun into plied cordage and rope for virtually all aspects of life- house construction, hunting and fishing, clothing and blankets, baskets for harvest and storage, house utensils, transportation and so much more. We will learn how to process a variety of plant fibers including nettle, dogbane, flax, fireweed, cedar, willow and more to make fiber which can be used in a variety of projects.

Plants of all kinds have been used to dye these fibers with an incredible array of colors from barks, flowers, leaves, seeds and roots. We will harvest and create our own dyes for wool and fiber to be used in our projects.

We will then learn to make a variety of traditional objects which use fiber cordage and dyed wool, such as net bags, tumpline straps, woven flat bags and twined ‘sally bags’ or cylindrical root bags.

Weekend Three: Traditional Skills- Carving, Woodworking and Natural Pigments:

July 28, 29 & 30: Friday 1-7; Saturday & Sunday 10-4

Gain knowledge about the various amazing woods of our forests, and gain skills  using traditional tools, knives, adzes, curved knives, mallets, wedges, and more. Projects will include a choice from a variety of traditional tools and equipment including walking sticks, staffs, fish knives, hooks, awls, tool handles, chisels, trays, mortars, paint brushes and spoons which may incorporate traditional symbolism and artwork. We will create our own pine pitch glue to fasten our implements as needed.

We will also create our own natural rock pigment traded throughout the Pacific Northwest, using natural binders to ornament our projects, made from red and yellow ochre, green and blue rock collected from around the region.


Join us for the entire series, or individual weekends!

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Individual Weekends: $250

Week One: Pine Needle, Redcedar & Willow Basketry
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Week Two: Plant Fibers and Natural Dyes
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Week Three: Carving, Woodworking and Pigment
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