Ireland Ethnobotany & Traditional Skills Exploration

14 Days  September 23- October 6 2017

Journey with me to ancient Ireland on a trip of a lifetime. Learn about the plants of our Celtic ancestors and experience through your hands the ancestral uses of these plants. Stay in stone cottages heated with peat fires in the heather hills of Connemara; visit the windswept lands of the Aran Islands; and enjoy the fairy beauty of whitewashed cottages surrounded by flowers and hedgerows within walking distance of the largest remaining  oldwood groves of ancient oak and yew in Ireland.

We will have the rare experience of working with traditional masters carrying forward the knowledge of willow baskets, weaving and dying wool; make hedgerow jellies and plant medicines, and prepare traditional meals from local foods in our cottage kitchens. Wander with me and local experts along ancient trails bordering glacial lakes, gurgling creeks and experience the rugged beauty of heather hill, blanket bogs and karst landscapes. Explore Irish villages with pubs and traditional music, cultural centers, craft shops and tea rooms and perhaps take a pony trek on the beach and moor. Bring home willow baskets, signed book ‘Basketry of Ireland’, carved shillelagh, woven crios band, Irish hedgerow jelly and Irish herbal salve, and memories to return to for a lifetime.

It takes only a moment to find the magic of this land, it is tingling at the surface, a touch away, in the music, birdsong, bugle of the red deer stag, and the constant presence of standing stones, dolmans, stone circles and cairns. We will visit the great megalithic ruins, ogham stones, monastic ruins and stone circles from the smallest to the largest where we will end our time together in ceremony.

This is truly a unique opportunity to see a side of Ireland few get to experience; I’ve researched extensively in my past journeys there to seek out the plant knowledge, and have made friends there who welcome sharing their knowledge and resources to help make this happen. I am so excited to share my experiences to create this unforgettable personal experience for you.


  • Three days making willow baskets with a master weaver in Connemara
  • Explorations of the largest remaining oakwoods and yew groves in Ireland
  • Expert guided walks of forests, bog and mooŕwith an optional Pony Trek
  • Enjoy traditional music in the pubs of Doolin Village, Killarney and Clifden
  • Learn weaving on the Aran Islands with a focus on the Crios band
  • Botanize in The Burren and the Burren Perfumery
  • Harvest and make Irish hedgerow jelly and plant medicines
  • Visit stone circles, dolmans, ogham stones, burial cairns, beehive huts, holy sites & wells
  • Visit important, key attractions and museums along the way
  • Stay in elegant yet simple Irish cottages in beautiful natural areas
  • Enjoy our own Irish traditional foods to fully experience Irish culture

May 27 Update: we have full registration, but one space may open up due to personal reasons, please let me know if you would be interested in joining in.

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