Journey Plant Medicine Cards

Journey Medicine cards 4web These fully laminated, waterproof cards are designed to serve as a quick reference for using  wild plants found along the way to help treat common ailments using fresh plants in poultices, teas, infusions, compresses and syrups.

These were originally designed for use along Tribal Canoe Journey, and annual event that tribes throughout the Northwest participate in each summer, camping along the way, often for weeks, until a final landing in one large gathering. I have implemented trainings using these cards for tribes throughout the region, which has led to further refinements and additions to the card sets. I’ve outreached at herbal conferences where they were enthusiastically received, and welcomed feedback. The response is overwhelmingly positive and I hope you will enjoy them as well. They are great gifts and I offer discounts for multiple orders for your programs.

Journey Plant Medicines training is scheduled for Sunday June 4th- 4:30 if you’d like to learn more!

12.95 plus shipping

Washington residents: Buy now with PayPal

Out of State: Buy now with PayPal

Multiple cards: Buy now with PayPal

Orders of 6 or more please contact directly for discounts and lead times.

Canadian or Overseas orders: Extra shipping costs will be billed separately


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