Aahh, Irelaund…

I’m home now a bit over a week, still dreaming and waking with Ireland on my mind, a place that, though I’ve touched it, breathed it, tasted it, still feels like a mythical place in my mind. Each time I return I feel I go deeper and deeper into place and time. I returned for this journey with students to revisit and share each of the places I researched and visited last time- the oldwoods, the bogs, the glens; the megalithic places from beyond human memory; and the traditional knowledge keepers, the masters. Places less frequented and people less known by the tourist. I added in a few extra places, and then extended my stay solo to be in the sacred River Boyne Valley, to also revisit places I’ve been but to experience again with my greater wisdom.
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2 responses to “Aahh, Irelaund…

  1. Michelle Downes

    Are you going to hold the Ethnobotany & Traditional Skills Course next year? I am so sorry to have missed the start of class. Please let me know if you suggest anything similar or along the same lines?
    Donna Kelleher (WholePetVet) introduced me to your site.
    Thank you so much.
    Michelle Downes

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